How the skills you gain from education are valuable for employment

Oxford Academy of English
How the skills you gain from education are valuable for employment

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In this episode, I would like to invite you to listen to the interview I recorded recently with Natalie from Jobspeak Academy, Australia. In this interview, we discuss how students can transfer skills from college or university to their future employment. For more information how you can cooperate with me or Natalie, visit our websites.

Oxford Academy of English

Jobspeak Academy

In this episode we discuss the following skills:
1) resillience
2) emotional intelligence
3) problem solving
4) communication and many more.

Skills you have that your future employers are looking for!

Learn how you can present the skills you have gained from education to impress your future employers. In this guide I give examples of top transferable skills that you cannot avoid talking about during your job interview. Here I present skills and give examples you can comfortable put on your CV and add to your cover letter.

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