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Your ultimate guide to making small talk

The must-have guide for undergraduate and postgraduate students to using in-text citations with direct quotations and paraphrases plus an explanation of secondary referencing.

How to leverage the elevator pitch

Surprisingly simple and effective methods to paraphrasing that you can put out into practice to start seeing results right away. Learn to paraphrase in 5 steps and become friends with Turnitin.

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English for Team Culture

It is a comprehensive program designed to improve the English language skills of business professionals, who are looking to advance their careers in a global business environment.

The ENGLISH for TEAM CULTURE focuses on developing an understanding of current HR-related topics together with cross-cultural awareness of international communication. 

Based on the CLIL approach to teaching English, each lesson combines elements of the 4Cs.

Content – progression in knowledge, skills and understanding related to specific elements of a defined curriculum.
Communication – using language to learn whilst learning to use language.
Cognition – developing thinking skills which link concept formation (abstract and concrete), understanding and language.
Culture – exposure to alternative perspectives and shared understandings, which deepen awareness of otherness and self.

English for E-mail Communication

Tailored for diverse cultural contexts, this program equips participants with the skills to craft clear, concise, and culturally sensitive emails. From mastering professional etiquette to navigating language nuances, participants learn to effectively engage with clients, partners, and stakeholders worldwide

Interactive modules cover various writing styles and strategies, ensuring messages resonate across borders. With practical exercises and real-world examples, employees will elevate their email communication skills, fostering stronger relationships and driving productivity. 

By investing in this course, you will empower your team with the essential tools for successful global correspondence and collaboration.

English for Public Speaking

As a teacher and practitioner, I can relate to the challenges of performing in front of big audiences. With or without a PowerPoint in the background, feeling confident and knowledgeable is what matters the most when speaking on stage. 

Designed for professionals across cultures, the English for Public Speaking program hones the skills needed to deliver compelling presentations with confidence and clarity.

Through interactive sessions, participants learn effective techniques to engage diverse audiences, refine storytelling abilities, and command the stage with authority. From mastering body language to conquering nerves, you will receive guidance tailored to your needs. Whether addressing a small team or presenting to international stakeholders, this course equips you with the tools to captivate audiences and convey ideas with impact. 


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